9 Ways you can Rejuvenate your Mind and Boost your Creativity on a daily basis

1. As soon as you wake up, Drink some Ginkgo Biloba, Ginger, or Turmeric tea.

These three types of tea increases the function of the brain, allowing you to feel more alert, increases your blood flow, reduces stress, increases your mood, and your memory.

2. Do Yoga for 30 mins in the morning

Meditate for 10 minutes and do Yoga poses for 20 minutes.

Yoga is great for the mind, body, and spirit, and it is a great way to get energized for the day ahead. Doing Yoga clears the mind, reduces stress and body aches. It also causes a shift in your mindset, increases your muscle tone, and increases your self-confidence.

3. Eat healthy meals and drink lots of water

4. Write, Write, Write

Write in a notebook with a pen or pencil daily to express your thoughts and how you are feeling. This will help with healing yourself and moving on from certain situations.

5. Create a Portfolio (Creators)

Keep drawing, painting, creating content/designs, making music, etc. Working on your talents everyday will boost your creativity and critical thinking skills.

6. Change your environment

Surround yourself with positive minded people.

7. Read books

Keep your mind refreshed by reading books that interests you. Its good to also step out of your comfort zone and read books that are out of your list of genre’s on your daily reads/reading logs.

8. Download motivational apps, such as the BLCKPRINT app that will help you a long your journey as a creator or business owner by connecting and collaborating with other creators and entrepreneurs.

9. Change your sleeping pattern

Getting 8 hours a sleep daily will improve blood circulation and will prevent morning headaches/migraines.

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