Brianna Seaberg: Film Maker & Digital Content Creator in the Making

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Yesterday, We had the opportunity to interview Brianna Seaberg, filmmaker and influencer in the industry. She has had a passion for making films since she was a child, and is trying to help people gain confidence in everyday lifestyle and education. I am by far inspired that she has kept going and hasn’t given up on her passion and what she wants to do in life. She started when she was six years old, and now she’s twenty years old, and she‘s still expanding her filming portfolio and inspiring others to do the same.

Take a look at our interview below.

Questions and Answers:

1. Tell me about yourself.

Answer: I’m a college student at USC in LA studying Digital Content Creation. I’m a President of Reach, where that’s a community of influencers, photographers, filmmakers, just people that are really into social media and has a presence on Social Media. In addition to school, I have my own YouTube channel, and a TikTok account trying to create lifestyle and college content on that. I“m a TikTok Camus rep so I promote the TikTok app to USC’s campus

2.What drove or motivated you to be a content creator or influencer?

Answer: I went to a performing arts high school, where I was a communications and film major, so basically in high school, I was already focusing on that, along the lines of filmmaking. So, I started my YouTube channel and starting posting my short films that I would make and I did the film festival circuit, wanting to go into the entertainment industry. Then going out to college in LA, I started switching over to digital content creation, opposed to film making. I’m still into the whole filmmaking thing, but I just kind of seen how the film making industry can be converted into digital content creation. Also, digital content creation today is much more valuable, people pay more for it, and there are more opportunities than sitting on a set for 12 hrs a day. I’ve always had that passion for creating content and videos, so just transferring over my filmmaking skills and achievements over to digital content creation, and just trying to go with the flow of trends.

3. What kind of films do you create?

Answer: I would do every genre. So, I’ve done comedy, drama, experimental. The majority of my films are drama/thriller and some psychological ones too.

4. Do you focus on a specific type of film, such as tv, movies, or everything in one?

Answer: Yes, so in a short film, usually, it’ll be 5-10 mins. So short content in the form of a short movie, while exploring different themes and a narrative film that engages people.

5. Were you always into film or did you have some type of motivation to push you in that direction?

Answer: Yes. Looking back, I’ve always been interested in film. There’s footage I’ve took when I was like 6 years old on a cam recorder, trying to Vlog “A Day in the life with my Pet”. It’s always been something engrained in me and something that I’ve always wanted to do, so that’s always been there, and going to the performing arts high school, and college in LA confirmed my passion from it at a very young age.

6. What is your daily job routine?

Answer: Currently, I’m doing a virtual internship for a YouTube centered company, so I’ll do that majority of the day, but definitely on the weekends, I would do a content day, where I film content for the next week on YouTube, TikTok and get photos for Instagram. So, shooting content takes up most of my day, and reaching out to brands. I do a lot of brand outreach to try to get paid collaborations with brands, so I do a lot of my own research and outreach to try to secure more paid brand deals.

7. When did you start creating content?

Answer: I started creating content in middle school so 5th-6th grade, when I was 12. because that’s the time Instagram came out, and I had a photography Instagram page when I was younger and I was able to grow it to 80,000 followers, and I had that page creating content. A lot of the times that would be for self-portraits, but I had that page till junior year of high school, but it got hacked and I never got it back. But that’s how I got a start from my personal Instagram, and I would have the followers from the photography account follow that, that’s how I got a jumpstart at my current main Instagram page.

8. How do you manage doing everything at once?

Answer: I’m organized with my time and schedule, so I’m able to do everything, but when I’m shooting content for TikTok or something, I’ll try to transfer it over to YouTube. So, if my hair and makeup is done or if I’m looking good that day, and I’m ready to shoot content, then I’ll just try to shoot it for Instagram and YouTube. Usually on the weekend, I’ll do a content day on a week by week basis.

9. Do you think about creating any content that’s different from what you usually create? Answer: Possibly. I’m trying to get more into college/educational content because I know many people really like and need college tips. I’m trying to shift my focus more into promoting positively, be more inspirational and trying to make people save.

10. Is California a better place for your films, than it was in South Florida? Regarding film opportunities, space and content?

Answer: California is definitely a better place for my films then in South Florida just because there’s more opportunities, Like film festivals, going on since Los Angeles is the center of the entertainment industry. Also California just offers a lot more film sites and networking opportunities.

11. What steps are you taking to help others within the same field?

Answer: The steps that I’m taking to help others within the same field is I’ve actually been creating content on TikTok primarily on how to grow your Instagram and how to do content creation full-time. I’ve also been answering a lot of questions on direct messages on Instagram and just helping people grow their accounts like I’ve done for mine

12. What steps do you take to get your brand heard out to the world?

Answer: The steps that I take to get my brand heard out to the world would be to just put as much content as I can out there that is engaging, meaningful, and creative. Also, I make sure that I spend equal time on all the social media platforms that I am posting on just so I can get the biggest reach to the biggest amount of audience possible

13. Do you have any challenges relating to content creation and your partnership with TikTok?

Answer: In terms of challenges, spending a lot of time on content and it not performing well. But I just have to remind myself, it’s all about experimentation, trying different content, and putting different content out there. Because sometimes I’ll work really hard on something, and it won’t perform as well. I’ll think this will be the one to go viral, and it doesn’t, so that would be a challenge and to overcome that challenge, I put out content with no hope or expectations for it and typically when I do that, I would be more surprised and happy when it does really well.

14. What is your daily motivation to keep going? Because you know we all have our days where we are going through a tough time such as loss, grieve, etc.? How do you push yourself to keep going?

Answer: My personality, I’ve always been a very determined person, so if I set my mind to something, I have to do that, and I’ll work until I accomplish my work or dream, but also connecting with people over the globe and inspiring them. I’ve gotten comments like you’re so inspiring and you’re my idol, even though I don’t have millions of followers, still just to hear that, from a nine year old is really sweet and keeps me going knowing people love to hear my messages, and want to continue to see content of me.

15. What future plans do you have for your business?

Answer: I’ve been working a lot on my YouTube channel, at one point this summer I was posting 3 videos a week, I slowed down on that because I see in the market for TikTok right now, and I was focused on YouTube, but now I realized if I want to grow super fast, and try to get bigger followings on other social platforms, then I would have to stick with TikTok and be really committed to growing on there. I want to spike my growth on TikTok, and transfer my following base to my other accounts.

16. What advice would you give to a person considering bring a content creator or influencer?

Answer: Keep pushing content out there, even if you think it bad, start experimenting with different things and don’t stick to just one thing. Keep putting out different types of content and see which sticks with your followers because I feel like when people just stick to one thing, and never know if something else can be more profitable for them. Also, not care what other people think of you and just be your authentic selfs on social media. Some people would be like “I don’t want to start a YouTube channel or a TikTok, I’m scared people are going to make fun on me”, but you don’t want to live and be like what if I could of did this. So, just putting yourself out there completely and committing to it.

17. What are the greatest rewards of being in this business field?

Answer: The greatest rewards of being in the film and content creation field would definitely be that I am able to use my creativity and big ideas in the videos I create. Also, just the flexibility of working hours and being able to be my own manager in a way is definitely a plus as well.

18. How is it running a business during the pandemic, regarding the creation of films, collaborations, etc.?

Answer: During the pandemic, it has definitely been hard because a lot of brands and companies have been pausing paid collaborations at the time. So I definitely think it is harder to find collaborations during the pandemic so I have to spend a lot more time doing out reach and research. Also, I know the film industry is basically closed down right now and all the studios are closed. This means that there are no film internships that I can be doing right now and there’s not really any opportunities for me to go and be on set. The only positive out of the pandemic happening is that more and more people are on digital content creation apps like TikTok which is giving me a opportunity to get my content out to more people since more people are using the app. 

19. What activities do you perform to draw people’s attention to your brand?

Answer: In the past, I’ve gone to film festivals, if my film is in the festival, or on campus at USC for the TikTok position, we’ll host events to get people on the app, so we’ve done a tie-dye event, food events and handed out TikTok merchandise. In addition to that, with the USC REACH Social Media Club, we do a lot of content days, where we meet up, and film TikTok’s for the day or do photo shoots at iconic places around Los Angeles.

20. What do you think of the upcoming BLCKPRINT app and its overall vision/concept?

Answer: I really like that and think it’s perfect because I think there’s not a lot of ways for fellow influencers and brands to connect other than finding a brands random email and reaching out and doing a cold email. I think it would be a great platform to connect further with brands and other influencers for sure!

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