Comparison Kills Creativity

Comparison. Something we can’t escape. We all experience it, whether we are comparing ourselves to others or someone else is comparing you to themselves.

You can’t control how others compare you, but you can control how you compare yourself.

Comparison kills. It’s deadly to not only yourself but also your creativity. Authenticity is what makes you who you are. As you create and think of the unimaginable, you can discover and produce an idea into something people have never thought of before. This is what makes you creative, taking the time and energy to develop your own ideas while respecting yourself and what you are doing.


Here’s the problem. We live in a world where the endless hours of scrolling can lead you to envy others and their accomplishments, but you have to realize everyone has their own path. You and the people you compare yourself to didn’t start a journey at the same time and things are going to happen differently for both of you. Stop following people who don’t inspire you, and start following like-minded individuals who get you motivated.

You need to realize people are presenting their best selves to the public, and you don’t see all the mishaps that happen behind closed doors. Others “perfection” and recognition in your eyes can be an illusion at best. If you see someone else’s success, look at it as a way to learn. Reach out and ask how they got to where they are or even to collaborate with them.


Confidence is key. Being creative has a high risk of failure. I know I have failed multiple times, but here is the thing. I did it and did something about it. If you are worried about others and how they may perceive your failures, you will never succeed. Now don’t get me wrong, it is okay to care and be vulnerable because you have to be vulnerable to share your ideas, art, films, and realize they may never see the light of day. Once you get over the fear of failure and comparison, you will soon realize the greatest experiences, people, and accomplishments you could ever imagine were just beyond that fear threshold.

The moment you stop comparing yourself in a negative way to others will be the day you and your ideas flourish.

Now tell me. What’s something you plan to do filled with confidence, letting the fear go?

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