Don’t let your Mental Illness take control of your life and your Creativity.

Individuals who struggle with mental illness would say that it takes a hard toll on their creativity. I believe that people who struggle with mental illness has a hard time bringing their creativity back to life because their disorder will distract them from doing so. Some people would wish that they didn’t have to go through the complications of their mental illness, such as depression or schizophrenia, because it makes them either have a shield, such as writers block, or simply wanting to be in the mood to express your creativity, but your body/mental illness won’t allow you to do so. You are the source of originality and creativity, and I hope you do your best to block out the thought of your illness taking control of your life, and try your best to work towards your goals.

Some people would thank their mental illness because it is apart of who you are, and it can boost your creativity. Creators would first start off by creating art to heal themselves before creating art to heal other people, and making art that people can relate to. Some people won’t even realize that their creating art to heal themselves. It’s always good to express your feelings and thoughts, even when sometimes you may not know how you’re feeling, can’t explain it, or simply don’t understand it.

Some companies today, would treat people with mental illness differently because of their disorder, but their mental illness does not define what they can and cannot do. I feel as if everyone can do anything they put their mind to and not give up on themselves and their vision in the process, no matter the complications that arises in life.

Don’t let your illness or negative minded people drive your creative practice. Surround and connect yourself with positive people.

The BLCKPRINT app is here to help.

The BLCKPRINT app allows you to connect and collaborate with other creators, entrepreneurs, investors, musicians, and journalists together. It’s about time we express our emotions and connect with people who truly listen to understand us, without judgement. With this app, you will have the opportunity to connect and collaborate, scale your business and increase your reach, collaborate with press to tell your story about your journey and your business, attract investors, etc. Also, we will host monthly webinars that will help you start and grow your business.

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Have a great day!

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