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Social Collaboration App for Creatives and Entrepreneurs in Business. BLCKPRINT helps creatives, entrepreneurs, investors, consumers and journalists connect and collaborate. You'll never have to leave this app to do business.
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key features

Join the BLCKPRINT Community

Here's why:

  • Connect with like-minded individuals to grow your network and resources

  • Funding opportunities for entrepreneurs/business owners

  • Influencers/Bloggers can find small businesses to partner up with for long-term relationships

  • Find local resources such as; photographers, manufacturers, factories, local businesses, consumers, and much more.

  • Monthly courses and webinars offered to help grow your brand and knowledge about your industry

  • Learn how to start a business from the ground up with our basic 101 entrepreneurship course

  • Connect with journalist/media to get the story out about your brand or business

  • Exclusive content and conversations tailored for each user on the app

​+ And so much more!

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